Write A Better World


For me, the best part about being a writer is being able to create my own world whenever I want.

In a world where every time you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper stories of pain, destruction, violence, death, and despair are staring back at you, it sometimes helps to be able to escape from it all. When the bills are piling up, the demands of my household and job are threatening to overwhelm me, and sickness in my family causes worry and fear, I choose to write it all away.

The life you live is based on your perception of what is going on around you, how you interpret what you perceive, and how you choose to let those things affect you. In other words, it’s all in your mind. Your mind is what tells you how to feel about things and how to respond. Sometimes you have to give your mind a break from the harsh reality and create a new world for yourself where your mind can relax in positivity.

When things in life aren’t going the way I want, I just write the opposite.

When I have a bad day, I write about what a perfect day would be like. When I don’t have the time to take a vacation, I write a story in which I visit a place I’ve always wanted to go. I let my mind take me to a place where I can be the person I want to be at the moment and live the life I want.

I can change the entire world in my writing. I can write about a wold free of poverty and sadness. I can write about having the world’s best housekeeper to do all of my chores while I sit by the pool sipping a Mojito. I can write about being queen of my own underwater empire on planet Szarkolni where all my subjects are delicious Peeps bunnies.

Writing myself a new world and a new life is like a deep tissue massage for my mind. It is very therapeutic. It makes me feel like I can face reality and all it brings, knowing that there is still good in the world–even if it is only in my mind.


One thought on “Write A Better World

  1. I once read a story in reader’s digest where a single mom and her son had no food. They sat at their table which was set with plates, cutlery and glasses and they talked about what they would absolutely love to eat, right down to chocolate cake for dessert. Luckily a neighbour brought a cooked meal for them in this story…but I like how they used their imaginations and it bonded them…sounds weird I know – but it was a beautiful story.

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