Beautiful piece of truth, inspiration, and motivation.


I dedicate this post to some of the bravest people I’ve ever known.

Unspeakable horrors happened to you. Your earliest memories expose trusts broken by parents who should have loved you – protected you.

Grown ups who bought and sold you to satisfy their warped desires.

I saw the hurt in your eyes when I begged you to stop telling me. I couldn’t even bear to hear what you had somehow managed to live.


You were just a boy, 10 years old when you left home. You chose a life of prostitution. Somehow you had glamourized that life-style. You thought that you’d make lots of money.

Then you’d go get your brothers – rescue them from your abusive addict of a mother. And raise them on your own and give them a chance for a better future.


You were only 17. You were nervous and ashamed. You were quiet…

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