Everybody But Me


I want it! I want it now! Why is it happening for everyone else but me? Don’t I deserve to be happy? I’ve been working so hard for this and it just keeps eluding me!

Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking these things? I’m sure every one of us has fallen victim to these negative thoughts about something we are longing for. Maybe you’ve been vying for a promotion at work, but it was given to someone else. Or you’re trying to make your mark in the entertainment business but keep running into dead ends. Or you’ve been longing for a husband and family for years but all you get is the proposal, wedding, and new baby pictures of other people on Facebook, Tumbler, and Instagram. What may have started as happiness and excitement for others has somehow become jealousy, annoyance, and self-pity as you’ve watched everyone else experience the life you’ve been yearning for.

Although it may seem like your time is never going to come–it is. Those seeds of desire you have were put in your heart to blossom into fruition. Your desires are part of the person you were meant to be. They are part of your essence. You have to keep pursuing your dreams and believe that your time is coming.

If you haven’t been promoted, snagged a record deal, gotten married, or been able to conceive a child yet, be thankful. Be thankful that all those things you desire will be yours at the appointed time. The appointed time is in line with that of God’s and of the Universe’s–the perfect time. Receiving them on your time could wreak havoc and chaos in your life and/or the lives of others involved in your destiny. Knowing my desires will be fulfilled at the perfect time is much more reassuring than wallowing in self-pity thinking it is never going to happen.

Know that what is meant for you is for you and what is meant for someone else is for someone else. Would you rather wait on a house built especially for you with all the furnishings, rooms, and decor that you want or quickly move into someone else’s house cluttered with a bunch of their stuff and poor taste in 70’s wallpaper? I’d rather wait on what was meant for me than try to force myself to be comfortable in what was meant for someone else.

All of this is easier said than done. I know because I have dealt with a few situations like this in my time. I just try to remember my blessing is on the way because I prayed for it and believe it will happen in God’s perfect time. I try to focus on all that I do have and not the things thatI don’t. As hard as it may be, I try to speak only positive things about the situation. Of course there are times when I fall victim to negative thoughts, feelings, speech, and reactions. I just quickly get back up after falling off the horse and turn my thoughts back to the promises I know in my heart to be true.

Know that your desires are the seeds of your future. Nurture them with faith, positivity, and thankfulness. Trust your heart, believe in your dreams, and don’t fret when you see others being blessed. Just imagine how great it will be when your appointed time comes.



3 thoughts on “Everybody But Me

  1. Long time no hear! Yeah we all are waiting for something aren’t we? And we’ve all wondered what was taking so long…Good to hear from you again Courtney and hope to see more soon ❤

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