A Whole New Take on the Word Empower

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What does EMPOWER mean to you?

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Writers Write. Period.

Do you hear yourself constantly saying to people, “I want to be a writer”? Maybe you want to one day publish your own novel, have the title Staffwriter under your name in your local newspaper, or contribute to Time Magazine. While all of those things are a writer’s dream come true, it doesn’t take all of that before you can call yourself a writer. All it really takes to become a writer is to write.

You don’t have to wait for that best-seller-worthy book idea or an opening at your local newspaper to start writing. Just write! Keep a journal, write your own articles about current events, start a blog. Re-write advertisements you find in print, on television and online that you think you could do better. Ask your boss or your church if you can contribute to the company or congregation newsletter. Just put the pen to the pad or your fingers to the keys and let the words flow. Don’t worry about the fact that you may not have a publisher, employer, or any other type of recipient waiting for your finished product. Just keep writing to get the practice and keep those word-juices flowing.

I am a writer, though I haven’t been officially published. I have never written an entire book or an article in a newspaper or magazine. I am writer simply because I write. I write every chance I get for my family, friends, employer, and most importantly–just for fun. Not long ago I, too, would tell everyone I wanted to be a writer. I wasn’t taking into consideration all of the short stories, songs, poems, research papers, newsletters, and web content I’d written for my husband’s company. Here I was saying, “I want to be a writer,” when in actuality, I had been a writer for years! The moment I began to tell people I am a writer and began listing my job industry as writing when I filled out information online I felt so liberated. It just felt right calling myself a writer considering I had been doing it for years.

So stop waiting for the stars to align before you call yourself a writer. If you write, you’re a writer. Writers write. Period.