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I like to think of myself as a pretty good writer.  I still have plenty to learn and improve upon, but I think I’ve done all right for myself thus far with my writing.  Yesterday I came across an old resume and cover letter of mine and I actually got upset for a minute.  I looked at some of the companies I had sent it to, most of which never even called me back.  I remembered all the time and hard work I had put into that cover letter and resume.  It was great!  It made me sound like the best thing since sliced bread.  As I started at the words on the paper I said out loud, “Really xxxx Corporation?  How could you NOT have hired me?!  This cover letter and resume looks amazing!”  No sooner were the words out of my mouth, I realized exactly why I never heard from these jokers.

At the time I wrote and sent this resume to numerous companies, I was a new college graduate with a BA in English, working in billing for a company completely unrelated to my education, goals and dreams, and all the while, aspiring to be an English Teacher and a writer.  If one of these numerous companies that received my resume had actually called me and eventually hired me, I would have put my real goals on hold.  I might have become complacent with the new job, like I had with my current on at the time and forgotten all about what I really wanted to do.  All of my education and writing would have fallen by the wayside and have been for nothing.  If I had gotten one of these other jobs, I would have missed my true callingteaching and writing.

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Now here I am a year or so later teaching Language Arts to 7th Graders, blogging on several different sites about things I love, and working on my first script, ebook, and novel.  Once of the coolest parts about it all is that Empower Network is helping me reach my goals by teaching me how to market myself and make more money with my blogs.  None of this would have happened had those other companies really loved my cover letter and resume as much as I did.

Luckily, you can do the same thing I’m doing.  Stop pursuing jobs you don’t really love just so you can get a paycheck.  Granted, we all need a paycheck, but how much sweeter would that check be if you got it doing something you love to do?  Start promoting yourself, your skills, your business, or whatever else you want to promote via your own blog on the Empower Network WordPress Platform.  This will be your own little space on the web to get creative, get promoting, and show the world what you’ve got.   Click here to join my team today.  Let’s get this money!

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