Mother’s Day


Today, I celebrate.
I celebrate homework, football practice, and guitar concerts.
I celebrate school dances, movie dates, and break ups.
I celebrate acne, stinky sneakers, and puberty.
I celebrate healthy breakfasts, packed lunches, and wholesome dinners.
I celebrate washed uniforms, ironing lessons, and clothes-folding fests.
I celebrate tender hugs, heart-to-hearts, and loving kisses.
I celebrate discipline, discontent, and disappointments.
I celebrate attention, concern, and selflessness.
I celebrate joy, pride, and gratefulness.
Today, I celebrate motherhood.

Though I have never given birth, I am a mother. For 10 years, I have cared for comforted, and watched my stepson grow into an amazing young man. It almost seems unfair that I was given the opportunity to help raise such a wonderful person. I thank God for him everyday and for the responsibility of being a mother. Happy

Mother’s Day to all of you who fulfill that role in any capacity.