A Whole New Take on the Word Empower

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What does EMPOWER mean to you?

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More Stories on the Way!


So sorry to have abandoned you guys for over a week! I’ve been on vacation and have used the time to work on writing my book (yay!) and finish a book I was reading (Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Burns–awesome!!)

Though I got plenty of writing and reading done on vacation, it wasn’t all work an no play. The “play” actually turned out to be a pool of inspiration.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a fictional blog where I write episode-like short stories around the same central characters. Kind of like a dramatic sit-com in the blogosphere. I wasn’t entirely sure if I would do it and if I did, what would be the premise. After this past weekend, I’ve decided to move foreword with it.

An ill-planned birthday celebration for a friend and a dog-sitting experience gone awry gave me just the inspiration I needed to begin planning for the stories to be included in the new blog. I’ll give you more enticing details and the blog’s location soon. For now, know that I have several funny, dramatic, and emotional episodes planned out for your entertainment.

I’ll still have this blog that I post to frequently with random insight as I do now. I appreciate all the support and wonderful feedback you all have given me thus far. I’ll be posting a sort of ‘Reader’s Appreciation’ gift soon–an excerpt from my book 🙂