Happy New Year!

You know that business you’ve considered starting in 2014 ?  Well once your business starts booming (and it will), you’re going to need some serious writing to spread your name on the web and through print advertisement.  You’re going to have to stay in contact with your followers via your blog.  You’re going to need a star bio to show you and your business in your best light.  You should probably get started with this now so that when the waves of customers come, you’re ready.

Creating a successful business is time-consuming.  There’s more to do than there are hours in a day.  While you’re busy building an empire, let me handle all the writing.  Here’s my latest ad with my current specials.

New Years Ad

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Don’t Miss Your Calling!


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I like to think of myself as a pretty good writer.  I still have plenty to learn and improve upon, but I think I’ve done all right for myself thus far with my writing.  Yesterday I came across an old resume and cover letter of mine and I actually got upset for a minute.  I looked at some of the companies I had sent it to, most of which never even called me back.  I remembered all the time and hard work I had put into that cover letter and resume.  It was great!  It made me sound like the best thing since sliced bread.  As I started at the words on the paper I said out loud, “Really xxxx Corporation?  How could you NOT have hired me?!  This cover letter and resume looks amazing!”  No sooner were the words out of my mouth, I realized exactly why I never heard from these jokers.

At the time I wrote and sent this resume to numerous companies, I was a new college graduate with a BA in English, working in billing for a company completely unrelated to my education, goals and dreams, and all the while, aspiring to be an English Teacher and a writer.  If one of these numerous companies that received my resume had actually called me and eventually hired me, I would have put my real goals on hold.  I might have become complacent with the new job, like I had with my current on at the time and forgotten all about what I really wanted to do.  All of my education and writing would have fallen by the wayside and have been for nothing.  If I had gotten one of these other jobs, I would have missed my true callingteaching and writing.

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Now here I am a year or so later teaching Language Arts to 7th Graders, blogging on several different sites about things I love, and working on my first script, ebook, and novel.  Once of the coolest parts about it all is that Empower Network is helping me reach my goals by teaching me how to market myself and make more money with my blogs.  None of this would have happened had those other companies really loved my cover letter and resume as much as I did.

Luckily, you can do the same thing I’m doing.  Stop pursuing jobs you don’t really love just so you can get a paycheck.  Granted, we all need a paycheck, but how much sweeter would that check be if you got it doing something you love to do?  Start promoting yourself, your skills, your business, or whatever else you want to promote via your own blog on the Empower Network WordPress Platform.  This will be your own little space on the web to get creative, get promoting, and show the world what you’ve got.   Click here to join my team today.  Let’s get this money!

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Somthing New

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When you start something new, there’s a learning curve, right? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newborn baby and your “something new” is life itself, or you’re a 65 year old man entering retirement and your “something new” is a fixed income and reprogramming your body not to wake up at 4:30am for your shift at the factory. New things bring with them excitement, wonder, and optimism, but they also bring anxiety, doubt, and difficulty. Starting a new business or attempting to market your existing one to the next level is no different.

learning curve, something new, business, entrepreneur, freelance writing, becoming a freelance writer, blogging, freelance blogger, make money blogging

When I decided to become a freelance writer, I couldn’t wait to get started—but short of just transferring the thoughts and ideas in my head onto my computer screen, I had no idea what to do. I had to go through the aforementioned learning curve. That required plenty of research on exactly what a freelance writer does, what topics I would write about, how to get my writing seen, how to market myself, how to be published, how to appeal to my audience, and how to make money doing it. As technology, people’s interests, and the world in general change, I have to learn to adapt. I am constantly learning new ways to use technology, brainstorming ways to stay relevant to my readers, and researching ways to grow my audience.
learning curve, something new, business, entrepreneur, freelance writing, becoming a freelance writer, blogging, freelance blogger, make money blogging

I parallel my journey to becoming a successful writer to that of a baby’s journey to becoming a thriving adult.

learning curve, something new, business, entrepreneur, freelance writing, becoming a freelance writer, blogging, freelance blogger, make money blogging


Unfortunately, I went through the beginning of my aspiring writer learning curve solo. I didn’t realize the importance of having the right people around you with similar interests and mindsets, but more experience and solid success. As I start my latest endeavor with Empower Network, I’m anticipating the learning curve but the great thing about it is that there are so many training resources and knowledgeable, successful members that my learning curve thus far has been pretty narrow. Having such a strong team of people to support you and guide you around the learning curve is amazing. Whether you’re bold enough to take the Empower Network plunge and start living your dream on purpose, or you have some other “something new” going on, make sure to surround yourself with a great support system.

learning curve, something new, business, entrepreneur, freelance writing, becoming a freelance writer, blogging, freelance blogger, make money blogging

So keeping all of this in mind, what is your “something new?” Are you embarking on a new career, buying a new home, or just trying to get your life and your income to the next level? Whatever your “something new” is, don’t get discouraged as you swing around that learning curve. Just hold on tight and lean into it. You can do it!

Let’s help each steer this learning curve and make some moola in the process.
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Let a Professional Writer Tell Your Story!

Professional writing services by freelance writer, Courtney Bratcher.


What could professionally written web content and marketing material do for your business?

A) Attract a larger volume of clients.

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C) Add to your professionalism.

D) Give you a higher rank in search engine queries.

E) All of the above.

If you answered ‘E’ All of the above, you’re exactly right! 

Professionally written material tailored specifically for your clients can work wonders for your business or organization.  Whether you are a small business owner, a decision-maker for a large corporation, or a professional artist/entertainer​, you need to communicate with the world in order to get your ideas, products, and services out there.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to write your own web content, proposals, biographies, profiles, or other business communication.  You are a busy professional—you don’t have time to concern yourself with grammar, sentence syntax or SEO results.
I am an experienced freelance writer specializing in web content, blogging, articles, and promotional writing.  I am dedicated to writing premier content to promote the products, services, and talents of major corporations, small businesses, the self-employed, and individual entrepreneurs.

When it comes to marketing your business and your talents, visibility is the key and creativity is the lock.  Contact me today to unlock a world of possibilities with compelling, creative copy and content that will enhance your company’s visibility in the marketplace.

Don’t settle for boring, run-of-the-mill writing to represent your company.  You need creative words that will attract the type of clients you’re looking for.   Don’t let the wrong words prevent your company from reaching its maximum potential.  Hire me, a professional, today!

Write A Better World


For me, the best part about being a writer is being able to create my own world whenever I want.

In a world where every time you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper stories of pain, destruction, violence, death, and despair are staring back at you, it sometimes helps to be able to escape from it all. When the bills are piling up, the demands of my household and job are threatening to overwhelm me, and sickness in my family causes worry and fear, I choose to write it all away.

The life you live is based on your perception of what is going on around you, how you interpret what you perceive, and how you choose to let those things affect you. In other words, it’s all in your mind. Your mind is what tells you how to feel about things and how to respond. Sometimes you have to give your mind a break from the harsh reality and create a new world for yourself where your mind can relax in positivity.

When things in life aren’t going the way I want, I just write the opposite.

When I have a bad day, I write about what a perfect day would be like. When I don’t have the time to take a vacation, I write a story in which I visit a place I’ve always wanted to go. I let my mind take me to a place where I can be the person I want to be at the moment and live the life I want.

I can change the entire world in my writing. I can write about a wold free of poverty and sadness. I can write about having the world’s best housekeeper to do all of my chores while I sit by the pool sipping a Mojito. I can write about being queen of my own underwater empire on planet Szarkolni where all my subjects are delicious Peeps bunnies.

Writing myself a new world and a new life is like a deep tissue massage for my mind. It is very therapeutic. It makes me feel like I can face reality and all it brings, knowing that there is still good in the world–even if it is only in my mind.

More Stories on the Way!


So sorry to have abandoned you guys for over a week! I’ve been on vacation and have used the time to work on writing my book (yay!) and finish a book I was reading (Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Burns–awesome!!)

Though I got plenty of writing and reading done on vacation, it wasn’t all work an no play. The “play” actually turned out to be a pool of inspiration.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a fictional blog where I write episode-like short stories around the same central characters. Kind of like a dramatic sit-com in the blogosphere. I wasn’t entirely sure if I would do it and if I did, what would be the premise. After this past weekend, I’ve decided to move foreword with it.

An ill-planned birthday celebration for a friend and a dog-sitting experience gone awry gave me just the inspiration I needed to begin planning for the stories to be included in the new blog. I’ll give you more enticing details and the blog’s location soon. For now, know that I have several funny, dramatic, and emotional episodes planned out for your entertainment.

I’ll still have this blog that I post to frequently with random insight as I do now. I appreciate all the support and wonderful feedback you all have given me thus far. I’ll be posting a sort of ‘Reader’s Appreciation’ gift soon–an excerpt from my book 🙂